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  • Top 5 Nude French Actresses

    Top 5 Nude French Actresses


    French actresses nude

    The video below features France’s top 5 nude actresses of the modern era.

    With France being overrun by Nigerian nogs it is only a matter of time before they surrender to Islam, and beg the powerful North African Muslims to save them from the Sub-Saharans savages ravaging their country.

    Of course once the mighty Moroccan, Algerian, and Libyan forces in France quell the abid uprising (which should be no problem at all as they have thousands of years of practice dominating the dirt skins), they will take payment in form of the sex holes of the high value French females that are depicted in this video… Except Eva Green, as she is a Jewess who is destined for the guillotine.

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  • Top 10 Real Lesbian Celebrity Sex Scenes In Film

    Top 10 Real Lesbian Celebrity Sex Scenes In Film


    There is no denying that the so-called “#MeToo” movement was a hostile takeover of heathen Hollywood by militant feminist lesbodykes, and that as a result the future of all onscreen sex scenes will be either lesbian or interracial… And so to preview this dystopian vision for the future of cinema we present the top 10 real lesbian celebrity sex scenes in film in the list of videos below.

    #10 Nora Dolmans & Manon Delauvaux – “Switch”

    #9 Mijal Katzowicz – “The Daughters of Fire”


    #8 Ekaterina Yuspina & Tatyana Polozhiy – “DAU. Katya Tanya”


    #7 Raffaella Ponzo & Virginia Barrett – “Fallo”


    #6 Jana Zuckerberg & Lotta Habmut – “Schnick Schnack Schnuck”


    #5 Oksana Kazmina & Antii Gonna – “Zarosli”


    #4 Taylor Sand & Danielle Rose – “Picture of Beauty”


    #3 Nadia Chibani & Lise Bellynck – “À l’aventure”


    #2 Natalie Krill & Erika Linder – “Below Her Mouth”


    #1 Lea Seydoux & Adele Exarchopoulos – “Blue Is The Warmest Color”


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