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  • Former K-Pop Star Seungha Is Now Doing Porn

    Former K-Pop Star Seungha Is Now Doing Porn


    Seungha, former member of the Korean pop (K-Pop) girl group “BaBa”, has started a new career doing hardcore porn, as you can see in the video above.

    Seungha nude

    Of course it certainly should come as no surprise that Seungha would transition from gyrating on stage to grinding her slanted sin slit into the tiny egg rolls of Asian men on camera like this. For like the heathen pop stars in the West, K-Pop girls are all just one small step away from being filthy gutter skank prostitutes.

    And while Seungha’s showed herself to be completely tone deaf when it came to her sing career, her porn star moans have the pleasing high-pitched nubile quality us virile Muslims are use to hearing on our wedding nights.