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  • Nina Dobrev Debuts Her New Boobs At Cannes

    Nina Dobrev Debuts Her New Boobs At Cannes


    Nina Dobrev new boobs

    Actress Nina Dobrev debuts her brand new big boobs in a black dress at the Cannes Film Festival in the photos above and video clip below.

    There is an old showbiz saying that one should never work with dogs or new tits as you will surely get upstaged…

    Nina Dobrev boobs

    However as you can see in the photos above, even dogs don’t stand a chance get Nina’s enhanced chesticles.

    Nina Dobrev nip slip

    Yes, it remains to be seen if Nina’s massive milk sacks will help her fledgling acting career, or if her bulbous breasts will backfire as no one will won’t to try to share the screen with them…

    Nina Dobrev nude

    But one thing is for certain… Us virile Muslim men would still stuff Nina into the trunk of her hatchback, and slam her sex holes with our tunic scuds.

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  • Ariana Grande Proudly Shows Off Her New Boob Job

    Ariana Grande Proudly Shows Off Her New Boob Job


    Ariana Grande bikini boobs

    Pop star Ariana Grande proudly shows off her new boob job in the bikini top selfies above and naked spread open photo below.

    Ariana Grande naked

    As you can see when compared to the selfies below taken earlier this year, Ariana spent the COVID quarantine getting her once itty bitty titties enlarged into a solid set of melons.

    Ariana Grande selfies

    Now with a couple of bolt-ons slapped into her chest cavity, Ariana is certainly more confident about shaking her silicone sacks (as in the video clip below).

    Of course that doesn’t mean that Ariana is going to stop parading around her other private parts as well…

    Ariana Grande naked

    For she will always be a degenerate whore who plays by her own rules… Whether that means licking donuts or defying mask and panties ordinances while out in public like in the photos above.