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  • Jennifer Aniston’s Deleted Blowjob Scene

    Jennifer Aniston’s Deleted Blowjob Scene


    Jennifer Aniston blowjob

    The video below features Jennifer Aniston’s graphic deleted blowjob scene.

    As you can see this scene comes from the episode of “Friends” in which Jennifer Aniston’s character “Rachel” gets sloppy drunk and sucks actor Paul Rudd’s character “Mike’s” pathetically tiny manhood the night before his wedding to Phoebe.

    Jennifer Aniston sexy

    Riddled with guilt Rachel would eventually come clean to Phoebe about polishing her man’s pole hours before the wedding, and would be immediately forgiven as quirky Phoebe doesn’t consider cock sucking to be infidelity. Relieved by this revelation, Rachel will realize that she has been too hard on Ross for his “on a break BJ”… Thus setting the stage for the rekindling of their romance, and tying up all the plot holes of the series nicely.