Good Luck Chuck

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  • Jessica Alba Nude Side Boob Enhanced In 4K

    Jessica Alba Nude Side Boob Enhanced In 4K


    Jessica Alba nude side boob

    The video below features Jessica Alba’s nude side boob scene from the film “Good Luck Chuck” remastered and enhanced in ultra high definition.

    Despite being a brazen whore in her personal life (and no doubt on heathen Hollywood casting couches as well), Jessica Alba has been famously stingy when it comes to onscreen nudity… With this scene being the closest she has come to showing her tits.

    Jessica Alba panties

    Jessica’s false modesty even extended to wearing nipple pasties during this scene, as well as some sort of labia cover to keep her swollen banged out pussy mound from pressing through her panties in the screenshot above.

    Of course now that Jessica is no longer relevant, she spends her days pretending that she isn’t old as dirt by dancing like a whore on TikTok… Which as you can see is truly a pathetic sight to behold.