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  • Billie Eilish Nude Outtakes And Toe Sucking Fetish

    Billie Eilish Nude Outtakes And Toe Sucking Fetish


    Billie Eilish nude

    The photos above appear to be nude outtakes of pop star Billie Eilish from her recent controversial photo shoot with Vogue magazine.

    Billie Eilish toe sucking

    A lot has been made out of Billie showing her “sexual” side in this Vogue photo shoot by the infidel mainstream media, but us pious Muslims certainly did not find it the least bit surprising… Especially considering that she is a known degenerate mudshark with a disturbing fetish for getting her toes sucked on.

    Billie Eilish lingerie

    Yes, Billie showing off her flabby body in lingerie (or naked for that matter) is to be expected. For she is a sloppy slut who gets off from soaking her feet in fried chicken grease to attract savage Sub-Saharans.

    In fact, Billie has almost certainly spent most of her formative years getting her backdoor and bulbous boobies “blacked” by every rapper she came across, so showing off some skin in a magazine to sell some albums is not going to make her blush.

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  • Kaia Gerber Does Her First Nude Photo Shoot

    Kaia Gerber Does Her First Nude Photo Shoot


    Kaia Gerber nude

    18-year-old model Kaia Gerber poses for her first nude photo shoot in the gallery below from Vogue Magazine.


    Kaia Gerber Kaia Gerber Kaia Gerber

    If Kaia looks familiar it is because she is the daughter (and spitting image) of supermodel Cindy Crawford… Who must be beaming with pride right now at the fact that Kaia is following in her depraved footsteps by showing off her naked body in front of the camera.

    Yes, Kaia’s nude pics are certainly going up on the refrigerator at the Crawford residence. Of course Kaia is not satisfied with just showing her bare boobies, as she appears to already be preparing to show her ass cheeks as well.

    Kaia Gerber selfie

    No doubt it won’t be long now before we get the complete picture of Kaia blasphemous female body… Then we can properly compare and contrast it to her mother’s, and make a determination on whether or not their bloodlines are degrading and should be terminated.