Yes God Yes

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  • Natalia Dyer Nude Deleted Sex Scene

    Natalia Dyer Nude Deleted Sex Scene


    The video above appears to feature Natalia Dyer’s graphic nude deleted sex scene from the film “Yes, God, Yes”.

    Natalia Dyer nude

    It certainly comes as no surprise that Natalia would fantasize about getting fondled and facialized after becoming aroused watching a crack whore suck off a John in a public park like this, for she is a brazen Jezebel who has shown off her itty bitty titties once before in a deleted scene for her hit Netflix series “Stranger Things” in the screencap above.

    Natalia Dyer nude

    In fact, Natalia reportedly got her start in the entertainment business as a nude model who would pose fully naked in DSW’s shoe catalogs… For without any clothing or breasts to distract, the reader could really focus on the shoddily made footwear.